Vietnamese Students Learn about Relationship Between Soy Farming and Aquaculture

USSEC’s aquaculture slogan became the focus of a marketing communications firm’s class in Vietnam recently.

USSEC Vietnam Technical Manager Aquaculture Mr. Võ Hoàng Nguyên was invited to lecture at VietnamMarcom He introduced USSEC’s strategies and tactics in promoting the use of U.S. Soy that focus on sustainablility via the slogan “Farming the land to sustain the sea.”

VietnamMarcom (Vietnam Marketing Communication) is an educational organization founded in 2001, which has given training to more than 10,000 trainees from different industries in Vietnam. The scope of training courses has included Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Sales Manager, Event Manager, Copywriter, Strategic Marketing Management, and Business Marketing 4.0, among others.

Students with non-aquaculture backgrounds from other industries such as hospitality, oil refinery, and electrical, among others, realized the relationship between soy farming and aquaculture.

U.S. Soy growers, via USSEC’s Global Soy in Aquaculture program, set a long-term strategy to promote a profitable and sustainable approach to aquaculture that specifically shows the utility and value of U.S. soy products.

USSEC Vietnam Technical Manager Aquaculture was an invited lecturer at VietnamMarcom on August 28.

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