How to maximise success for your marketing activities & campaigns?

While marketing campaigns have increased recently in Vietnam, hardly are measurement approaches done or properly conducted. Many companies do not have a results-capturing system as they see its insignificance in doing so; they are also hesitant to invest in marketing ROI training to save costs, which leads to insufficient expertise for the marketers. Besides, while TVCs, print ads and newspapers have posed analytic difficulties for marketers, social media are more challenging to specifically and accurately determine the returns of their adoption. In today’s business, it is beyond the profit. Leveraging on marketing metrics and KPIs, its usage rules and application is getting more imperative for both companies and marketers to succeed in determining marketing performances and capabilities.
Are you able to capture audiences’ reaction & improve their impression for newspapers, TVCs & print ads?
Do you know how to track & monitor user engagement for Facebook & Twitter?
Are you able to customise analytics to suit your marketing purposes?
This 2-day practical seminar on “Marketing Measurement in Vietnam” will provide you with tactics to link marketing activities to revenue, profit and success metrics, regardless of channels used. With hands-on sessions and varied case studies, you will be able
to determine performances of traditional media, cost-effective marketing measurement, measure integrated marketing campaigns, utilise data collection tools such as Google Analytics, build Social Media Engagement measurement framework, and understand how consumers make choices to improve messaging and ROI. At the end of the seminar, you will learn the successful seven-step process to incorporate marketing measurement in your business.
Benefits of Attending
• Learn how to identify Marketing ROI in your organisation
• Utilise the experimental design tool such as Split-cell, A/B testing to improve response rates
• Gain insights on how to use Marketing Mix Modelling to optimise advertising mix and
promotional tactics
• Understand how 4P3C1E framework works for marketing accountability over periods
• Find out tools such as Google Analytics for data collection and insight
• Learn tactics on how to measure integrated marketing campaigns
• Determine consumer choices and how they can improve messaging and ROI
• Develop a Social Media Measurement framework and calculate SMM through the Influencer Funnel
• Scrutinise results, marketing strategies and improve measurement approaches

Who Should Attend: Directors, Heads of, Marketing, Digital/Social, Media Marketing, Branding, Professionals in-charge of Marketing Communications, Business Development and other senior
decision makers
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